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Patrick O'Brian Links

  • Gibbon Burke's Guide to Patrick O'Brian Web Resources : Probably the best single POB site, with links to many more sites.

  • Gunroom (Patrick O'Brian e-mail list) homepage

  • Gunroom archives

  • W.W. Norton's Patrick O'Brian page: Norton is POB's American publisher.

  • Norton's on-line PO'B forum

  • A Guide for the Perplexed: Translations of foreign phrases in PO'B's sea novels.

  • Sea Room: A seller of nautical books that also maintains Searoom-L, another e-mail list for PO'B and other nautical fiction.

  • A report on a pilgrimage to PO'B's grave in Colliure, France

  • The Aubrey-Maturin Chronicles: A site maintained by Leigh Kimmel that features her reviews of each of the Aubrey-Maturin books.

  • Gunroom San Franciso: Resources for San Francisco Bay area lissuns.

  • Lissun BAG: E-mail list originally for San Francisco Bay area lissuns (BAG stands for Bay Area Gathering.), but which now has many subscribers from outside of the area.

  • A list of lissun (Gunroom and Searoom member) web-pages

  • Gunroom Gallery: A gallery of lissun pictures maintained by Helen Connor.

  • The Gallery of Notable Listswains: An earlier gallery of lissun pictures created by Allan Janus.

  • The Listswain's Mate: More lissun-related resources from Allan Janus.

  • The Port Wine Sea: Publisher Erica House's home page for The Port Wine Sea, a parody of the Aubrey-Maturin series, by Susan Wenger.

  • Lawrence Edward's Aubrey-Maturin Page: Includes pictures of the all of the covers of the Aubrey-Maturin books.

  • List of Lissun Locations: Location of various lissuns worldwide.

  • Helen's page of POB Listswain Locations and Other Maps: The same information in map form, along with some other PO'B-related maps.

  • Allegory Wrestling, or Desolation Island Decoded: A very interesting and original symbolic interpretation of Desolation Island by Harry Clark.

  • Resources for Patrick O'Brian's Picasso: A complement to PO'B's biography of Pablo Picasso.

  • Sidney Michael Russ, Alias Michael O'Brien, 460 Squadron RAAF: A site on PO'B's older brother, at least one of the real-life models for Jack Aubrey.

  • Yahoo! Patrick O'Brian Club

    Other Links

    Other sites created by this site's webmaster:

    Pile of Shirts.com: or, How I Tried to Become an Internet Millionaire by Starting a Web Site on High School Sports in Massachusetts.

    Westbrook Pegler: A website on American journalist Westbrook Pegler (1894 - 1969), a controversial and tremendously talented writer, and one of the most distinctive stylists in American letters.

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