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"She started before me along this path, and I hurry to catch her up. It is easy walking, neither hot nor cold, and I go with long strides, fast and pursuing. I shall never catch her: I know that. I shall never catch her, however much I hurry -- and I do hurry, press on hard without a moment's slackening of the strongest continual effort; and I go fast for all the weight of my pack.

"I shall never catch her: but I have this, that I am on the ground that she has travelled. The 'never catching', that is less important now: we are divided by the distance, but the path is our connection; and I shall never let the distance grow."

-- Patrick O'Brian,"The Path"

This web site is dedicated to reviews, questions, comments, and observations on the short stories and some of the other obscure works of Patrick O'Brian.

A Brief Introduction to Patrick O'Brian and this Website



Works of Patrick Russ

  • Noughts and Crosses (1936)
  • Two's Company (1937)
  • No Pirates Nowadays (1940)


    Early Patrick O'Brian Novels

  • A Book of Voyages (1947)
  • Testimonies (Three Bear Witness) (1952)
  • The Catalans (The Frozen Flame) (1953)
  • The Road to Samarkand (1954)
  • The Golden Ocean (1956)
  • The Unknown Shore (1959)
  • Richard Temple (1962)

    Patrick O'Brian Short Stories



  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso: A Biography (1976)
  • Joseph Banks: A Life(1987)  





  • The Stag at Bay (1974)
  • Samphire (1953)
  • The Clockmender (1955)
  • The Chian Wine (1974)
  • The Virtous Peleg (1950)
  • A Passage of the Frontier (1974)
  • The Voluntary Patient (1955)
  • The Long Day's Running (1950)
  • On the Bog (1974)
  • The Lemon (1974)
  • The Last Pool (1950)
  • The Handmaiden (1974)
  • On the Wolfsberg (1974)


  • A Review of the "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" Movie Soundtrack Album (2003)



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